OPEPO Enrichment Activities

Annual Events

OPEPO’s parent volunteers work with the teachers to provide enrichment activities that complement the classroom learning, incorporating the talents of the parent body and community through additional activities.

Theater Week

Each year, OPEPO students spend a school week putting on a play. Our most recent production was created for OPEPO by Port Townsend’s own Key City Public Theatre. The KCPT directors ran informal auditions, guided the kids through rehearsals during the week, and went live for performances on Friday and Saturday. These plays are cleverly created to provide parts for a range of ages and comfort levels. During theatre week, there is a modified classroom schedule allowing for rehearsals, usually at the high school auditorium. It’s an extremely busy but fulfilling week for all involved.

Cocoa House

Students share a bit of their literacy work during a café-style showcase, which is held twice a year in our OPEPO classroom. The students get to drink hot cocoa and eat snacks while listening to each other’s writings. Sharing their own writing in front of their peers helps to build presentation skills and confidence, especially as the students progress through the program – building more experience each year. Cocoa House is held during the school day and parents help by decorating the classroom, providing snacks, witnessing the students’ work and cleaning up.

Wonderful Wednesdays

In the weeks before student conferences (twice a year), parents plan and facilitate activities to give the teachers time for goal-setting sessions with students. Activities vary based on the the school year’s theme and have ranged from craft projects and outdoor explorations, to learning about a parent’s work or skills.


Students work independently or with a partner to create a product to sell at Market. Each year, the kids create an amazing array of crafts, food, services, and carnival-style games. Students and parents are given OPEPO dollars to spend during this in-class event, giving students the chance to explain their product, add dollar totals, and calculate change. Students calculate expenses, pay “rent” on their booth, and track and grow their earnings over their OPEPO career. Because Market usually falls in December, this is also a chance for students to purchase holiday gifts for family and friends.

Fall Field Trip and Overnight

Toward the beginning of each school year, OPEPO students take a special field trip with a focus that complements that year’s educational theme. At the end of the field trip, parents join the students and a family “overnight” begins. The 4th year students often organize a fun dance party or other activity for all the OPEPO student to kick off their special year as class leaders and mentors. This overnight is a fantastic time for the families and students to get to know each other and build family connections. It’s always a lot of fun and a great way to start off each new school year!


Bike-a-Thon is an engaging bike ride (or walk/run for children who prefer). Children (with the support of their family) collect pledges to raise funds to support their classroom and the special activities that make OPEPO unique.

Other Field Trips and In-Class Activities

Throughout the year, there are other field trips and in-class enrichment activities that complement the OPEPO students’ regular education. Parents are encouraged to get involved with the Enrichment Committee to help plan and support year-round enrichment activities for our students.

For more information about enrichment, please use our Contact Us page to make the request.